Almost a Year

It’s almost the end of the year and although I’ve lived here for nearly three months, I feel as if I’ve lived a year of experience.


Krishna never expected me to be this different. She always thought that I would be a quiet soul, comfortable with curling up with books and classical music. Actually, I do love those things very much.


But she never expected that I love going places and wearing coats most of the time. I love coats very much. They’re warm, but for me, they’re really comfy. And they look good on me, too! That’s why I like cold places like Tagaytay. Krishna tells me that Baguio’s a great cold place, too, but I haven’t gone there yet.


What she also didn’t expect that I would be so shy when I first came in. I… I still don’t like crowds, though. But I like making friends. I love ManikaManila, though. There’s so many great people there like Erii, Duende, Adel and Ate Nene and Ate Siomai!


Of course, there are also other people I’ve grown fond of, like Maven, my dormmate. You’ll get to meet her soon enough.


I look forward to next year! There are more experiences in store for me, I’m sure.

*”Ate” is Filipino for “big sister”, much like “oneesan” in Japanese means the same. I think I know the Chinese equivalent, but… uh… it escapes me all the time.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bernadette
    Dec 29, 2007 @ 08:48:46

    It’s Achi or Jie-jie. 🙂


  2. Clockwork Juice
    Dec 29, 2007 @ 13:44:53

    Thanks a lot, Bernadette XD -Krishna


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