Moonlight Sonata


Adagio sostenuto. The piano plays softly in the background. The touch of her fingertips to the keys are like a lingering hug of old friends about to part.


She cries but her tears form no shape. She tries to hide yet she is always seen. Under the prominent watch of reality she resides, willing, ever-willing to escape.



Allegretto. Her tears glisten as moonlight hits her face. Somehow, it makes her eyes look brighter. Her hands move effortlessly across the keyboard. Maven de Lune pours all her worries and hopes into her music.


Presto agitato.The music grows softly, slowly developing into a heart-wrenching crescendo. The tears flow harder. She plays harder.


Music has always been her only comfort. It fills her soul, keeping it from numbing, keeping her from hollowing. She needs a face to fill the mask she is forced to wear by day. She needs her music to pry that mask away.


The last notes melt into silence. It will be a long time before Maven plays the piano again. With her music packed within to assure her, she embarks on her first adventure.

With the new year comes new beginnings. Dormitoriya Tzara’s newest tenant is about to arrive.


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