Lumie’s Workshop

Ah! Finally, all done!

What do you have there, Lumie?

Oh, they’re my toys.

They… remind me… of… something….

Maybe you’ve seen them on the net? That’s where I got them.

Come, sit with me! Would you like to play with them?

Uh… o-okay…

You seem scared.

Don’t you like toys?

They won’t hurt you. Toys are fun! Especially when you make them yourself.

I spent all day on these! This one here is my favorite.

Oh, I see…

Still afraid?

Well, I think I had a bad dream about them…

But these don’t look too scary. I guess they are cute.

Could you teach me to make them?

Of course! I’d love to.

Come to think of it, it would be the first time that we would be making something together.

Readymechs are a copyright of Fwist.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nix
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 16:35:57

    Argh, those things are awesome. I want one. :))
    Tell the little ladies Rose says hi. XD

    The pictures are lovely by the way~ *_*


  2. Ulalume
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 16:46:11

    Hi Rooooose! 8D Thanks for the ice cream again! ❤


  3. Krishna
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 16:47:52

    Go make one! ❤ It’s lots of fun XD Heehee. The pictures are care of Feliz and Tin. Ah… DSLR people.


  4. Maven
    May 01, 2008 @ 06:42:42

    Hullo Mister Rose. Can you buy me more ice cream? Lumie took my share. 😦


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