Halloween (Part 2)

Meanwhile, as Maven headed back to room 402 of the dorm…

Bueno. You should rest well, Ulalume.

But I don’t wanna, Tito Tonyo! I wanna stay up and keep waiting for Maven!

Sige, but if you do, your cough will get really masama, you know, bad?

I know, tito.

Hm? Sounds like someone’s at the door.

Good evening¬†Tito Tonyo. How’s Lumie doing?

Welcome back, hija. And she seems to be getting well na. I’ve been trying to get her to go to sleep pero, you know, she wanted to wait for you eh.

That’s so sweet of you Lumie, but really, you should go to bed early if you want to get better soon.

*cough* But I’m fine!¬†Tito Tonyo said so himself. He’s taken really good care of me while you were out.

Well, since you’re still up, want me to tell you about what happened at the meet today?

Yes, please!

Today was such an exciting day! Tito Tonyo, is it alright for her to stay up just a little while longer?

Oh alright. I’ll leave you hijas to your kwentuhan. But you go sleep right after ha. I don’t want you to get binat, Ulalume.

OK, Tito Tonyo. Good night!


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