Christmas Hunting Part 1

Previously in Japan

I’m going on a hunt.
For who?
You don’t need to know.
I’ll keep asking until you tell me. You know I never give up.
Ugh. Fine. Lobo. You heard from that guy from Mis-too-lah or whatever that band was, right?
It’s Mistula. And yes, I did hear about it.
Well, there. That’s why I’m going.

And I’m going with you.


Wot the bloody hell did you get me into, rabbit?!


Monito Manila 2015, the Philippine BJD community’s annual Christmas party.


What does this social event have to do with finding Lobo? I can’t even smell anyone from that bloody band in this vicinity.


Don’t you remember? You were part of the first one while you and your gang were tracking Lobo down. You were chunkier back then. I think a Japanese diet has done you a great deal of good.

Shut up about that. Whatever I eat is none of your business. And I don’t remember you being at that party.


Oh, I was definitely there. I just looked totally different! Geez. You wolves and your memory problems. Sometimes I wonder why do I even like boys like you. Anyway, I’m going around and chatting people up. Maybe they know a thing or two about Lobo’s whereabouts. Oh– and don’t forget about the exchange presents, okay? I wrapped one up nicely for you. Don’t ruin it.


Ugh. Bloody noisy rabbit. Just go do what you want.


Fine then, I will.


… isn’t that…?


… it’s her…




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