Dormitorya Tzara is home to three collaborating writers/photographers, Krishna (Clockwork Juice), Tin (Ticking Orange) and Feliz (pulpzepulp). Just as well, this blog is also home to different dolls from the current stars of the show: Maven de Lune (Kid DELF Woori Girl) and Ulalume Picabia (Volks MSD F-18 Girl); to the guests that appear once in a while like Dino’s Nene who stayed with Ulalume for her first few days of appearance.

The concept behind Dormitorya Tzara is that everything begins and/or takes place within the dormitory. The dormitory is not just pertaining to a dormitory in a physical sense, but in a metaphysical sense as well. If in a dorm, there are different characters with separate lives to live yet linked by something familiar, like a building where they all stay together or a similar school they go to, our idea of the metaphysical “dorm” is like that, too. Dormitorya Tzara is composed of two (or maybe three) main plots that intersect at certain points, much like the same way the lives of dormmates intersect through living in one building.

You can find the different stories within Dormitorya Tzara within the category list on the sidebar.

More information to come soon!


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