Christmas Hunting Part 2

Previously at Monito Manika 2015…

…isn’t that…?

…it’s her…




Gathering Intel

Some days after the fiasco that was MonitoManika 2015, which Ichigo enjoyed and Fenris thoroughly hated, the Lycantroop decided to do some snooping of his own. He got in touch with Nil, a special agent who could get him some much needed information on his missing comrade.



Well, here I am. If it’s information you need on a missing person, I’m sure I can hook you up.


Christmas Hunting Part 1

Previously in Japan

I’m going on a hunt.
For who?
You don’t need to know.
I’ll keep asking until you tell me. You know I never give up.
Ugh. Fine. Lobo. You heard from that guy from Mis-too-lah or whatever that band was, right?
It’s Mistula. And yes, I did hear about it.
Well, there. That’s why I’m going.

And I’m going with you.